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Boredom Busters

Here are some suggestions for keeping your canine friends entertained and out of mischief.Buster Cube (available from Bark Busters): This award-winning dog toy is a great distraction. Fill the toy with dry kibble. As your dog rolls it around on the ground, the kibble falls out from multiple compartments. This motivates your dog work for his food, keeping a brain-active dog busy for hours.
Scatter Feeding: Turn feeding into a treasure hunt. Scatter a variety of foods (such as whole carrots, celery, peas, broccoli, beans, and apples) around the yard when you leave. This gives your dog something to forage for as well as some nutritious food to chew on (rather than your wooden lawn furniture). You can also scatter his dry food around the yard.
Kong Toys: This durable rubber toy has a hollow center that can be stuffed with delectables like cheese, peanut butter, kibble or dried liver. We suggest that you get some unsalted peanut butter and place a dollop over the hole. Don’t stuff the toy w…

A Neighbor's Barking Dog

Woof! Woof! Woof!

If you have a problem with a neighbor’s barking dog, first approach the neighbor to tell him there is a problem.

Owners sometimes do not realize their dog is causing problems because the dog may bark only when the owners are away from the house.

If your efforts do not achieve the desired results, then contact your Home Owners Association or local animal control office.

Do not try to correct the dog, give it attention or give it food to stop the barking as you will generally cause more problems.

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Puppy Behavior Training

One way to prevent puppies from chewing furniture is to paint the furniture with Tabasco sauce. After letting the pup taste it, paint the Tabasco onto the base of doors, tables; whatever you don't want your puppy to chew. (Always test the product first in an inconspicuous area to ensure it will not stain or damage your furniture.)

Another effective product that should not harm your pup or your furniture is Bitter Apple spray or Bitter Yuch spray. Do the same with this as was suggested with the Tabasco sauce.

A pup that is kept in a special area of the house is easier to control as far as protecting your property is concerned. Also, do not give your pup full run of the yard. Instead, partition off a section or build a playpen. Be sure to provide shelter and protection from the weather and provide plenty of toys, food and water. Remember, most destruction occurs when the pup is bored.

If the pup cannot be corralled, then you will need to protect your yard. First, paint your wooden or…

Coming When Called

This is one of the more difficult things to teach your dog, particularly if other dogs are around. However, it is vitally important for you to be able to control your dog in the public. . . for your dog’s safety.
You must teach your dog to be more attentive and aware of you all the time. That way, your dog will be looking for your signal and will respond immediately if you want to call him out of harm's way, or simply to move to another location.

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Puppy Training

Puppies can get into all kinds of mischief!

Remember that in this regard they are just like babies and toddlers, so be patient with them and puppy proof your house as much as you can. If possible, remove tempting objects from puppy's reach.

Common problems are play biting, jumping on you, digging, chewing, and stealing items. The best thing for you to do is to start the training early (8 weeks and older). This will help you set the rules and earn the dog’s respect.

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Aggression... This is a very serious problem and must be handled as soon as possible by a professional behavioral therapist.

The worst case scenario for an uncontrollable, aggressive dog is that he injures a person or child and the dog is then ordered to be put to death (euthanized).

This does not need to be the case! Most aggression is caused by fear.

By addressing this problem, you can reduce your dog’s fear, which in turn will reduce his stress. You will be happier not having to worry that your dog might bite someone.

Early warning signs: Growling and barking at strangers is the earliest sign of aggression. Curing the problem at this early stage is best for all parties involved.

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How to Avoid Being Attacked by a Dog

Yes, dog attacks can be avoided.

Regrettably, most media stories of dog attacks on people -- especially children -- focus on the injuries caused rather than what could and should be done to avoid such incidents in the future.

Bark Busters has compiled this information to help you avoid being bitten or seriously injured by a dog.

Most people are bitten by dogs because they misread the dog's intentions or react the wrong way when the dog approaches. Dogs have poor eyesight and, therefore, have to come very close to assess something. A dog seeing something moving past his yard will most likely bark and growl, which is his way of instilling fear in his foe; then he will run at the person. The dog needs to get very close to scent what it is, and this is when people usually get bitten. Instead of stopping and allowing the dog to sniff them, most people think the dog is trying to get close to bite them, and they kick out at the dog or run. All this does, however, is make the dog retaliate a…

When Your Doggie Scratches and Whines

Scratching or whining is your dog’s way to get what he wants, which is to come into the house. If you let him in when he whines or scratches, he will do it over and over because he has discovered “how the door works.” He learns, “I scratch, the door opens.”

This habit can be irritating, particularly if you have guests. You need to teach your dog to sit quietly outside, even with the door open, during those times when he is not invited in. This all comes through patience and repetition.

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Jumping up

Jumping up is all about dog psychology.

Dogs communicate with body language. To them, height is dominance, and dogs will naturally jump up on us to test their dominance. You have probably noticed that they do this to each other, too.

Correcting this behavior will not only keep your clothes and furniture clean, but it will improve your dog’s respect for you.

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Pulling on the Leash

Does your dog take YOU for a walk, dragging you at the end of the leash? You are not alone, and the solution is easier than you might think.

Your dog should walk at your side on a loose leash. You don’t want to physically hold him in place because that is tiring for you and uncomfortable for your dog. Your dog must watch and follow your leg.

Keep him close to you and give a little tug on the leash when he is not giving you focus. Praise him when he gives you focus. When you stop, he stops. When you turn, he turns without being pulled around by the leash.

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