How to Avoid Being Attacked by a Dog

Yes, dog attacks can be avoided.

Regrettably, most media stories of dog attacks on people -- especially children -- focus on the injuries caused rather than what could and should be done to avoid such incidents in the future.

Bark Busters has compiled this information to help you avoid being bitten or seriously injured by a dog.

Most people are bitten by dogs because they misread the dog's intentions or react the wrong way when the dog approaches. Dogs have poor eyesight and, therefore, have to come very close to assess something. A dog seeing something moving past his yard will most likely bark and growl, which is his way of instilling fear in his foe; then he will run at the person. The dog needs to get very close to scent what it is, and this is when people usually get bitten. Instead of stopping and allowing the dog to sniff them, most people think the dog is trying to get close to bite them, and they kick out at the dog or run. All this does, however, is make the dog retaliate and attack.

The best way to avoid an attack by a dog you see running at you is to stand totally still. Do not move a muscle, and do not try to pat the dog. Even some dogs that appear friendly might not like being touched. Wait for the dog to lose interest in you.

Some dogs love food above all else. By carrying some doggy treats around with you, you could avoid being bitten by dropping the food on the ground and remaining still. Do not hand feed the dog. Keep your eye on the dog but do not stare. Dogs do not like to be stared at as they view it as threatening.

If you are knocked to the ground by a dog DO NOT ATTEMPT TO GET BACK UP. LIE TOTALLY STILL, ROLL YOURSELF UP INTO A FETAL POSITION AND STAY THERE. The dog is looking for a victory, and if you keep trying to get back up, it will only result in the dog trying to pull you back down, resulting in a vicious attack.

For more information, please contact The Best Dog Trainers in South Florida.

Bark Busters takes no responsibility for injuries incurred to you or your dog as the result of the training information presented here


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