Puppy Behavior Training

One way to prevent puppies from chewing furniture is to paint the furniture with Tabasco sauce. After letting the pup taste it, paint the Tabasco onto the base of doors, tables; whatever you don't want your puppy to chew. (Always test the product first in an inconspicuous area to ensure it will not stain or damage your furniture.)

Another effective product that should not harm your pup or your furniture is Bitter Apple spray or Bitter Yuch spray. Do the same with this as was suggested with the Tabasco sauce.

A pup that is kept in a special area of the house is easier to control as far as protecting your property is concerned. Also, do not give your pup full run of the yard. Instead, partition off a section or build a playpen. Be sure to provide shelter and protection from the weather and provide plenty of toys, food and water. Remember, most destruction occurs when the pup is bored.

If the pup cannot be corralled, then you will need to protect your yard. First, paint your wooden or plastic furniture and railings with Tabasco sauce. You will need to do this regularly to keep the pup away. To protect your plants and garden beds, place the pup's droppings around the base of the plants you wish to protect. Alternatively, spray diluted Tabasco sauce on the plants and around the soil. Citronella may also be sprinkled around the garden and on the plants. These will help to deter your dog from digging around the areas you want to protect.

It is important to consider how long your pup will be left alone. All day is a long time for a puppy to entertain himself. While we can fill our lives with television, books, housework or cooking, a puppy has none of these and, thus, will fill his day chewing and ripping things up. Spend as much time as you can with your puppy; when you have to leave him, make sure he has plenty of toys or bones to occupy himself.

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