Digging and Chewing

Dogs do not instinctively dig or chew.

These activities are usually symptoms of a more significant behavior problem; they are doing these things for a reason. We can help to find the cause and suggest a solution by talking with you and surveying the environment.

Digging: To help discourage digging, place your dog’s droppings in the hole and bury them just under the surface. You can also bury chili powder. Your dog may be digging because he is bored, so you might want to provide more entertainment (see
Boredom Busters). Also consider if he is stressed due to separation anxiety.

Chewing: Do not give your dogs chew toys that resemble items that you do not want them to chew (like shoes). They often cannot tell the difference between good shoes and their "chew shoe." Some taste deterrents may work on wood and patio furniture. You probably also need to provide more entertainment (see
Boredom Busters) or the chewing may be related to the stress of separation anxiety.

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