Feeding Puppies

Do not make a big issue of feeding your puppy. Have him wait until you give him permission to eat.

However, some ravenous, greedy pups become upset by having to wait. In that case, hold the dish and lift it above his head saying "leave.” When your pup has calmed down, ask him to sit. Once he has complied, you may then give him his food.

If you have a ravenous pup, look closely at what he is being fed, as it may lack vital nutrients.

Scatter Feeding
Scatter feeding works well on puppies that tend to be aggressive with their food. Scatter the food around on the ground and stand in the middle, letting the pup know you are not interested in his food.

Never take the food away from the puppy as a form of punishment with no intention of giving it back immediately. This will only make the pup feel that his aggression is warranted and that you are trying to steal his food.

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