Tips on Being a Responsible Dog Owner

Bark Busters wants you to enjoy owning a dog and has collated the following information to help you understand the laws governing dog ownership. We advise, however, that you find out your responsibilities of dog ownership in your state as do they vary, even from one city or county to another.

In many states, dog owners are required by law to register their dogs at the age of six months and to keep them registered. Your dog must always wear a registration tag and an identification tag, so that someone who finds your dog can return him to you immediately. Also, if your dog strays and ends up in a pound, the pound will have the information to contact you -- especially important if your dog requires medical attention. We also suggest that your microchip your dog.

You must ensure that your dog is confined both day and night. If allowed to roam free, even the most docile dog may be a menace to wildlife.

Some dogs have little tolerance for children, who being shorter, automatically get less respect from dogs who see them as being lower in the dog pack pecking order. Children, too, sometimes unknowingly tease dogs. A dog that bites a child would most likely be deemed a danger to society and be destroyed. Unfortunately, no one asks the dog's side of the story. So for your dog's safety, keep him in your backyard and out of harm's way. A responsible owner or parent can prevent dog attacks on children by closely supervising children when they are around dogs.

When outside your property, you must keep your dog on a leash at all times. The leash must be held by someone who can control the dog. Do not let a child walk a big dog unsupervised. Check with your city or county government to see if there are established "leash-free" areas where your dog can run free.

Keeping your dog on leash is very important. You are responsible if your dog attacks someone. Under the law, you may be held responsible for any injury or damage caused by your dog if he attacks a person or an animal.

As a courtesy to others, pick up after your dog has defecated on the sidewalk. Some counties have even begun to issue fines to owners who do not pick up after their pets.

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