Tips on Toys

Our doggies love toys and we love giving them toys! But, watch out! It is important that we give our pups the correct toys.

The first rule that you should remember is never give your dogs tug-of-war toys. Although these toys allow for a great deal of interaction between master and pup, they can quite possibly send the wrong signal to our dogs. Normally the tug-of-war play time ends with our pup walking off with the toy. As humans, we normally just say "I'm done" and we go on our way. Our dog ends up with the toy. Since Rover ended up with the toy, he thinks that he has won and is dominant over you. If you do have tug-of-war toys, use then for fetch.

Minimize or eliminate those squeaky toys. The sound that these toys make is the same sound of a wounded or dying animal. Allowing your dog to play with these promotes aggressive or dominant tendencies. I know, I know, I know... You love to see your dog play with the squeaky toys. Just try to keep it at a minimum.

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