Traveling With Your Dog

This information is designed to be of assistance to dog owners who may have to travel with their dogs, whether it be across town or around the world.

If you need to transport your dog across town, there are several options. If your dog travels well, you may wish to transport him in your car. If your dog is difficult to transport due to his fear of travel, his barking or exuberance, you may wish to give him natural remedies such as Bach Flowers, ginger, or Travel Calm. Your veterinarian also has tablets available for dogs that suffer from travel sickness. If you give your dog such tablets, administer them one hour prior to departure.

If you wish to board your dog while you go away, many boarding kennels can arrange transport for your dog to their establishment. Some vet clinics offer a pick-up service if your dog is sick, and for injured animals, some offer an animal ambulance. All these services can be found in the Yellow Pages.

If traveling between states, air transport is the quickest and easiest way to transport your dog. While more expensive than other options, air transport minimizes travel time and, therefore, your dog will suffer less stress. Some airlines have their own dog traveling cages.

If you are driving a far distance with your dog -- such as on vacation -- consider calling ahead to book at hotels or motels that accept dogs. Some hotels even cater to dogs. Be sure to secure your dog while traveling. Doggy seat belts are generally available from vets and pet shops. Also, remember to make several toilet stops.

When transporting your dog overseas, first research to learn the quarantine laws of that country. If your stay is to be short, consider leaving your dog with a friend or a kennel as the stress of quarantine might be too much for the average dog.

Always tag your dog with a contact name and phone number of the dog's destination. If your dog should stray, just having the name and address where it normally lives will not be sufficient, especially if you are away on vacation.

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