Communicating with your Dog

Dogs don't speak English, Spanish, French, etc. So why should we think they would understand "Rover no! Get away from the food!"

Dogs have a much simpler communication process than humans. It is our challenge to understand how they talk and communicate to them in a way that they understand. Here is the secret: body language and voice tones. It is that simple.

Our body language helps us assert our leadership and dominance over our doggie. (Dominance doesn't mean that we want to scare our dog or be an evil dictator. It simply means that we want to assert that we are the teacher, the leader, the person keeping them safe.) Standing up helps us show our dominance.

Vocal tones help us direct our dog to understand the rules. Our biggest challenge here is to understand that words are really sounds. Animals use sounds to communicate and we have to be able to do the same thing to successfully communicate with our dogs.

The process is really very simple and quite fun. For more information, please contact The Best Dog Trainers in South Florida.


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