Playing as Part of Training

You might not believe it, but playing is a critical part of your dog's training!

When you are playing with your dog, it all comes down to the rules you set and behavior your expect. Here are some tips:

  • Never engage in rough or overly exuberant play with a large or powerful dog. They will not understand that it is not OK to exhibit the same behavior. I don't think that you want your American Bulldog jumping on everyone coming into the house.

  • Don't play "Chase me! Chase me! / Tag You Are It!". This tells your dog that it is OK to always chase you and/or your guests and to "tag them". We tag someone by touching them on the shoulder. Dogs tag other dogs by jumping on them and nipping their fur. I am sure that you don't want this for your guests.

  • If you have a "hyper dog", don't play "Where is the birdie! Where is the birdie! Go get the Birdie!" with him. This encourages your dog being hyperactive both outside and inside.

  • Never play tug of war with your dog. This encourages him not to give you things back when you ask.

  • Play games like fetch or throw some goodies on the ground for him to forage. Give him Kong toys or other toys that stimulate his mind.

It all comes down to common sense. Do not encourage games that reward behaviors you do not want in your dog. Encourage games that reward your dog for maintaining your rules.

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