When You Ride Your Bike

Have you ever ridden your bike and have been chased by dogs? Don't worry. Here are some training tips for YOU!

Out doggies love to play "tag, you are it". When we ride past dogs on our bikes, they chase us, and we speed up, we are encouraging the idea of "tag, you are it". Here is what you do:
  • If you are on your bike and you are approaching a dog or a group of dogs, slow down to a "crawl". Try to peddle as little as possible. Look straight ahead and proceed past them in a very slow, constrained manner. The dogs should read your "body language" as "I don't want to play" and ignore you completely.
  • If the dog or dogs start to run after you, slow down and stop. You have taken away the "I want to play" language from your movements. The dog(s) should come up to you, possibly perform a slight sniff, and then return to where they were sitting.
  • If the dog(s) approach you in an aggressive manner (barking, showing of teeth, jumping), stop and get off your bike. Use the bike as a shield between you and the dogs. Always keep the bike between you and the dogs. Call for the owner to retrieve the dogs.
I have ridden my bike past a large number of dogs and have used these techniques and my bike rides have always been enjoyable.

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