Introducing Dogs

Sometimes is is very stressful when a friend comes over with their dog and the entire afternoon is made up of "bark, bark, bark"!

The most important point to remember when you are introducing two or more dogs is that it must be done slowly and on their terms. If you are too fast or push them, it just might put them in a fearful or aggressive situation that could lead to an unfortunate incident.

When you are having a friend with their dog come over and visit you and your dog, here is what you do:
  • Have your friend stay outside in the front lawn with their dog on a leash.
  • You and your dog slowly approach.
  • If you see any aggression, barking, or jumping, correct them immediately.
  • Stop when you are about six feet away from the other dog.
  • At this point, (under a very watchful eye and good grip on the leash), let your dog approach calmly and slowly towards the other dog. Only allow calm movements and correct jumping/barking/growling immediately.
  • When they have accepted each other, have your friend and their dog go inside your house and stand in the middle of the room.
  • You now enter and repeat the above process.
  • Keep both dogs on a leash under your care for at least the next thirty minutes.
Keeping the introduction slow and deliberate will make for a happy afternoon for all!

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