A New Idea for Potty Training

There is no one silver bullet to resolve "potty training failures". I simply want to provide you with multiple ideas to help you resolve the problem.

Today I want to talk about our dog's natural instinct not to go to the bathroom where they eat. (In our houses, we normally don't have the master bathroom next to the kitchen!)

When you find your doggie going to the bathroom in a particular place in your house, you need to discourage this behavior. You can easily do this by invoking the rule of "You don't potty where you eat". To accomplich this, you can do two things:
  • SCATTER FEED: Take raw vegitables or kibble that your doggie enjoys eating and throw that on the area where you doggide is going to the bathroom.
  • DIRECT FEED: Put your diggie's food bowl in the exact area where he is going to the bathroom.
Both of these actions will instill in your puppy that "This is the place where I get my goodiies. I don't want to poopie here! Where should I poopie?"

That is where our potty training will continue...

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