Walking your Doggie --- What is YOUR Job?

When we take our dog for a walk, our job is much more than just holding the leash!

When we are out and about and walking Rover, it is very important that we let Rover know he is safe. Just when we were little kids and looked to our parents to keep us safe when we were at the mall, in a restaurant, or on the street, we must do the same thing with Rover. Because of this, our job is a lot bigger than we might think when we are out for a walk.

Here are some tips for your walk:
  • Keep Rover next to you when you walk. This will let him see that you are there and that he doesn't have to worry about things.
  • Always scan ahead of you. Look for squirrels, people, other dogs, kids on bikes, etc. You must be the radar to locate anything that might frighten or startle Rover.
  • If you locate a problem ahead, be prepared to let Rover know that you will protect him or redirect him so that the distraction is minimized.
  • If you miss a fearful distraction and Rover begins to bark/pull, turn around and walk in a direction away from the distraction until he calms down. Then walk to a quiet area until the fearful distraction passes.
  • Pick routes that naturally don't have as many fearful distractions for Rover. We want to make the walk pleasant and to help strengthen Rover's understanding that you are the leader and the person keeping him safe.
Remember, like the pilot of an airplane, you want to get your passengers to their location happy, safe, and sound. Following these few tips will go a long way to making "walkies" a fun and happy time for you and Rover.

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