When Your Doggie Eats their Doggie Bed

Sometimes the best training tips aren't training tips at all!

That is not the entire case here, but today's discussion also highlights how dog owners are human. When your doggie eats their doggie bed, the normal thing that you do is to run out and buy a new bed and hope he doesn't eat the next bed as well. Guess what, he normally does!

First of all, let's look at our doggie's habits for a second. He likes to lie in the grass and/or dirt in the back yard. He sleeps on the tile floor next to the window in the kitchen. He lies next to you on the carpet when you are watching TV. None of these are soft places and yet, he has no problem sleeping on them.

Why do we give our doggie a bed when we want him to sleep at night? Since we (humans) sleep in beds, we think that our doggie (canine) needs a bed too. The answer is that our dog does not need a doggie bed to get a good night's sleep.

So the answer to your dog chewing up his doggie bed? Take the doggie bed away. Don't worry, your dog will be fine and you won't keep finding all that white stuffing all over your floor.

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