Bark Busters Offers Tips to Introduce a New Dog to the Pack (Part 3 of 3)

Bark Busters provides tips to help pet owners introduce a new dog to their current pack of animals with ease.

Bringing a new dog into the family is an exciting time for the human “pack” members but can create stress for the non-human pack. This is the third of three training tips to make sure that the process is relaxed and safe for both human and canine members of the pack:

Introduce in a Neutral Location

Introduce the dogs in a neutral location that is unfamiliar to both dogs, such as a park. This prevents your resident dog from feeling his territory is being threatened.

Each dog should be on a loosely held six-foot leash and handled by a separate person. Try to stay relaxed so the dogs don’t pick up on any tension you might be feeling.

Don’t force an interaction between the dogs. Just walk near each other for a few minutes. One or both of the dogs may ignore each other, which is fine. Just stay upbeat and give the dogs time to get comfortable with the situation.

Well, there you have it. We have successfully used these three simple tips when introducing new dogs with hundreds of our clients.

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