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Monday, February 1, 2010

Crate Training, A Den within a Den (Part 2)

We are now at the second installment of our "Crate Training". Let's see what we need to accomplish now...
How you introduce your dog to its crate is very important.

You want to create a positive, pleasant association with her crate so that she will enjoy spending time there.

Place a worn t-shirt or other piece of clothing or bedding in the crate. The “pack” smell will help comfort the dog.

Create a comforting environment by covering three sides of the crate.

Encourage him to investigate by placing toys, treats, food and water inside.

Lavish him with praise when he enters the crate on his own.

Leave the door open at first, then start closing the door when he is occupied or napping.

Do not remove from crate if whines, wait until he is quite. Otherwise, you will be teaching him that whining works to get his way.

Remember to keep it slow so that you give him time to acclimate the crate as his happy place. That is the key to success.

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