Crate Training, A Den within a Den (Part 3)

This is the third installment on Crate Training. Today we are going to talk about using the crate for House Breaking.
  • A dog’s instinct is not to potty where they sleep or eat. Proper use of the crate can really speed up the house breaking process.
  • The crate should be only large enough for your puppy to stand up, turn around and lay down. This will help the your puppy develop bladder control.
  • Do not place any bedding in the crate. Since most puppies don’t like sitting in their mistakes, this is great way to help them develop that needed control. Bedding absorbs the urine and makes it less uncomfortable for the your puppy.
  • Feed your puppy in the crate. Scatter food on the floor of the crate. Not only is this fun for the puppy, but it also helps deter mistakes in the crate.
  • Puppies are easily distracted outside, and may forget to go potty. If this is the case, place your puppy in crate for 10-15 minutes, then take him back outside. This helps avoid the very common problem of the puppy going potty in the house after having just been outside.
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