Please, Please Don't Break the China...

Many times we wonder why our dog is always going crazy in the house...

I have been to many clients who always complain about their doggie going crazy for hours on end in the house. Carpets are pushed into the walls, plants are tipped over, plates are broken, and on and on and on. They say that the walk the dog two or three times a day and they still go crazy.

Dogs build up adrenaline during the day and they need an avenue to release it. Walking, unless you are on your bike or roller blading, will not effectively release the adrenaline. You need to get out to a fenced area where you can play fetch with your dog. You might think about taking a canine agility class. Why don't you take it too? We all still have those few extra pounds from the Holidays still lingering. As I already mentioned, you might try jogging or roller blading.

Be sure that you engage in these activities in the cooler hours of the day and be sure to have enough water for current hydration.

When you take charge of your dog's activity it will not only drain your dog's adrenaline in a manner that will keep the interior of your house in one piece, it will also show your dog that you are the leader of the pack.

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