Starting your Walkies off Right

For many of us, walking is a cross between tug of war and the 100 yard dash. It doesn't have to be that way...

I would like to give you one, very simple tip to help your "walkies" be enjoyable. Here's the secret, start out calm.

For many of us, our dogs start to go crazy when they even see the leash. We wrestle with them to get it on and then they race to the door. We chase after them to get the leash and when we open the door, they bolt out, pulling us along for the show.

No wonder our "walkies" is crazy! As I mentioned earlier, let's start out on a calm note.
  • If your dog goes crazy when they see the leash, put it away and bring it out again in five minutes. Repeat this until you can easily place the leash on him.
  • Make sure that your dog sits quietly at the front door as you open it. You must go out first and then invite him.
  • Have your dog sit on the front porch until you are ready to walk. Then proceed calmly.
I assure you that if you follow these hints, you will have a great "walkies experience" with your pooch.

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