Walking in a Crowd

We always think it is great when we walk our dog around the block, but what happens when we take our best friend to a crowded place, full of people and other things?

We must always be aware of our surroundings and consider if our puppy is comfortable. If he is not, we run the risk of our guy barking, jumping, lunging, and even biting. These are all actions that we definitely don't want in public and actions that can easily be avoided. Follow these simple steps to assure a great time with your pup while in a crowded, public area:

  • Always be aware of your pup's body language. If you see excessive focus on other animals or people, their tail tucked under their body, or low growling, you are about to experience an unwanted incident.
  • Turn around and go towards the nearest exit with the minimal number of people and animals. Keep your dog's focus on you and walk briskly.
  • As soon as you get outside, stop and allow your dog to regain focus on you. If the crowd will be thinning soon, you might wait in a quiet area and then proceed again when there are less distractions. If not, you may consider leaving for the day.
  • Although this may seem like you are avoiding the issue, you are really showing that you are looking after your pup's safety in the best way that they currently understand and accept.
Now, what can we do to help fix the problem? You must create life experiences where your doggie becomes comfortable and accustomed to a place with a good amount of hustle and bustle. We will take baby steps here:
  • Take your dog to a Mall (or place that normally has a good amount of people) when there are very few people and sit on the perimeter of the area. Bring toys and even treats to keep him entertained and focused on you.
  • Start to come at times when there are more people and repeat the above process. If your pup becomes agitated, slow the process down and start to come at less crowded times.
  • Once your pup appears content and calm with the area, start coming at low traffic times and walk in the area. Still keep a little distance between you and the other people/dogs.
  • As your doggie shows a proper comfort level, come at times of higher traffic and repeat above. As soon as you see fear, anxiety, or aggression, slow the process down and subtract a portion of the people.dogs.
  • Follow this process and you will have a doggie that is great in crowds.
We hope you find this information useful. For more information, please contact The Best Dog Trainers in South Florida.


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