Toys and Training (Part 2 of 2)

My dog is acting somewhat aggressive. What is going on?

Our dogs sometimes act aggressive, just out of the blue, and we have no idea why. Well, there can be many answers. Let me give you just one of them.

Don't you love it whey your doggie takes the squeakie toy, growls at it, shakes it in his mouth, barks at it, and then tries to rip it apart? That is so much fun to watch and many times it is just really funny. Do you have any idea what is going through your dog's mind when that is going on?

Let me give you a little hint. The squeak that the toy is making emulates the sound of a wounded or dying animal. You have thrown this "animal" to your pup and given him the "thumbs-up" to maim or kill it. Does that sound aggressive to you? (I hope so...)

In continuing this, you are promoting aggressive behavior and providing a repetition that is part of the dog's natural learning process. You must limit or eliminate all squeakie toys and replace them with toys that otherwise stimulate your pup's mind and directs his focus in a manner that is acceptable to you.

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