Grooming Tip

Here is a little tip if you doggie always gets the "wiggles" when you are trying to groom him. I used it with a client with great results...

When you are getting ready to groom, I would suggest that you get your dog at a height that is comfortable for you. If you will have to be bending or stretching, that will divert your attention and give your dog the opportunity to move or leave. Also, make sure that you have all your items (brushes, scissors, etc.) within easy reach.

Now, bring your dog in and place him in the "grooming place". Have him on a leash. Now (here is the great little trick) have a smelly little goodie hidden in your left hand. Hold the leash a few inches away from your dog with the smelly little goodie hidden in your palm. Your dog is now secure and focused on the smelly little goodie and you can now "groom in peace".

After you have finished grooming, place the smelly little goodie on the ground in front of your dog and let him have it. Give this a try. As I said earlier, I used this with one of our clients and it worked like a charm!

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