Proper Exercise in the Summer Heat

Wow! It is really getting hot out there and it is only the middle of June!

We always have this old idea that when it gets to summer, we all get outside and have fun. Well, that is the case if is doesn't feel like 100 degrees at 10AM in the morning. Because of the heat, we are spending more and more time inside. The same goes with our dogs. We don't walk them as much, we don't throw the Frisbee as much, we don't "roll in the grass" as much.

Exercise and entertainment are required activities to maintain a healthy and well behaved dog. I have recently experienced several clients who are keeping their dogs inside, without the needed "play time" and "exercise time". They start to misbehave and become "bored-destructive". The answer to this is simple. You must proactively manage a consistent "play time". Here are some ideas:
  • Get up early and take your dog for a walk in the cool of the morning. The sun is low and there are a plethora of great "morning smells" for your doggie to enjoy.
  • Plan pool time. Depending on the shades around your pool, jump in the water with your pooch for fifteen to twenty minutes. Have some floaty-catch toys that you can toss. Watch him carefully for any signs of exhaustion of fatigue. When you get out, go to your covered porch, dry him off, and then give him some water.
  • If you don't have a fenced area that you can use as a play yard, get a strong rope, put some hooks on the ends, and find an open area with a tree. Attach one end of the rope to the tree and the other to your dog's collar. Throw the Frisbee or ball. Just sit out there with him. Even if he isn't going crazy, the pure event of being out with you is something all dogs love. Do this, of course, in the cool of the morning or evening. And be sure to provide plenty of water.
  • NEVER leave your dog outside in the summer heat unattended. Like all dumb humans, we will forget they are out there. Hours could go by with them in the sun, heat, and possibly without water.
The big thing that I want to stress is that we shouldn't decrease our play time with our dogs simply because of the heat. Entertainment is one of the key factors our dogs require. We simply need to manage and plan our play time to take the summer heat into consideration.

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