A Tip on Good Doggie Food

I feed my doggie Beneful because it looks so good on the TV Ad.... He always seems to be wacko!!!
I have never tried to pretend to be a nutritionist, but I would like to share some "rules of thumb" guidelines when looking for your dog's food.
  • Feeding your dog a good quality food can definitely help to extend their life. Just as we are encouraged to eat healthy, so should our dogs.
  • Feed your dog a dry food. Unless you are prepared to brush their teeth on a regular basis, wet food can lead to accelerated tooth decay.
  • When you are looking at the dog food ingredients, make sure that the meat is the very first ingredient. You do not want to see the word "by-product" following the meat. This means that it is a part of the animal that is normally thrown away. This is not healthy.
  • When reading the ingredients, you don't want to see corn, corn meal, maize, or any other corn derivative in the list. Corn can not be digested and simply passes right through your dog, providing no nutrition. The only thing that corn does for the dog food is add to it's weight.
  • Don't feed your dog Beneful. It simply makes them hyper and more likely to misbehave and not listen to your commands.
If you have any questions about your dog's diet, please ask your Veterinarian. They are the ones who clearly understand your dog's particular health concerns and can help direct you towards the products that will provide your dog with a happy, healthy, and long life.

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