Why Extension Leashes are Bad

I hate extension leashes!!! ...And let me tell you why...

We Americans love things with buttons and gizmos, widgets, etc. An extension leash has a handle with a button. Button! Wow! I have to have that! No you don't. Bad, Bad dog owner.

When we are walking our dogs down the street, in the mall, at the park, etc., it is our job as dog owners to keep them safe. Our dogs need to understand that. They need to keep their focus on us so that if we change the direction of our walk, they will too. If we speed up or slow down, they will too. If we stop, well, you get the point.

In order to maintain this focus, our dog must always have an eye on us and we must have an eye on them. The only way we can accomplish this is if they are by our side. If they start to stray from our side, we must be able to appropriately guide them back to their proper position. When this takes place, we are providing the proper consistency and repetition of our actions to communicate to our dog "don't worry, you are with me."

Now we come to the dreaded extension leash. The only thing this leash does is to give your dog the ability to do whatever they want. Your dog is ten of fifteen feet out in front of you or beside you, or even behind you. Is he giving you focus to make sure that you are protecting him or is he sniffing the bush or barking at the squirrel? They are doing what they want. When this occurs in the canine world, and you allow it to occur, you are placing the "Boss Hat" on your dog. He gets to do whatever he wants because you are letting him.

When another dog or person starts to approach you, your dog will bark and jump at them. He is simply taking the leadership/protective role in the situation. You now get mad at your dog for his actions, but you were the one telling him he is the leader and has to protect you. That is that the extension leash does for you.

With the good old fashioned leash, you can keep your dog right next to you and naturally provide the leadership your dog requires. You will have a great "walkies" and a dog that will be well behaved on and off the leash.

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