Keep it Slow and Easy

Isn't it always good advise to keep it slow and easy? In that way, things will probably work out better?

Just to let you know, the answer is "yes". We humans hate that answer because we love to get things done fast. I will text you, drive through the teller window at the bank, take the express way, fast forward, etc., etc, etc. (see, I didn't even write out the entire word "etcetera")....

Let me give you a hint. That doesn't work for dogs. One of the biggest training problems that we run into is when our clients try to push too fast with the training process. They try and teach their dog something too quickly, not paying attention that the dog has no idea what they are asking. The dog doesn't respond, the owner becomes frustrated, and the entire situation becomes a non-learning event, inconsistent event.

Here is what you do:
  • Stop thinking like a human! There, I said it. Now let's continue.
  • Dogs learn in a consistent and repetitive manner. We must teach using the same process.
  • Whatever you want to teach your dog, determine what they currently can accomplish and what they can't accomplish.
  • Begin asking them to demonstrate what they can accomplish.
  • Slowly add complexities and distractions to the point where they begin to fail.
  • STOP! This is the learning horizon where the most productive instruction will take place.
  • Work at this point, slowly, until your dog can make small, but observable improvements.
  • Continue the process. If at any time, you observe that your dog is consistently failing your requests, back it off. You have gone too far too fast. Back it up until your dog is succeeding again. Now proceed.
When we think like a dog, it works. When we think like a human, it fails...

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