Keeping Summer Safe - Rules of the Road

It drives me crazy when I see dog owners transporting their dogs in an unsafe manner. This could cause a bad situation, even death. It doesn't have to be that way!

An unrestrained dog in a vehicle is dangerous to everyone in the car, including the dog himself. Secure your dog in the back seat with a safety harness or in a per carrier fastened to a seat belt. Another option is to install a pet barrier to keep the dog in the back area of your vehicle. Dogs riding in the front can be seriously hurt if the airbags deploy.

Here are some other important hints:
  • If you must transport your dog in the bed of a pickup, be sure he is restrained, preferably in a crate or carrier secured to the truck.
  • Avoid allowing your dog to hang his head out the car window - he could suffer eye injury from flying debris.
  • When stopping the car along the way, attach a leash to the dog's collar before opening the door so he can't escape. Use a leash to walk your dog.
  • It is hot! Never leave your dog unattended in the car in this heat. Within a very short time, your dog can suffer from heat exhaustion and could possibly die.
Let's keep it safe out there this summer. Follow these rules of the road and you are on your way!

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