When Your Dog is Really Bugging You -- Here's an Idea

The other day a client asked me a question about their dog constantly "bugging them" to play with a toy. There are a lot of "official Bark Buster" replies, but I decided to give them an idea that worked with me. Shush! Don't tell our Home Office, but let me share this with you...

When I was out in the back yard, my dog, Millie, would bring Frisbees to me all the time and bug the heck out of me to throw it for him. I would practice the passive dominance with him (ignore the behavior) and he would push and push and push. The "human side of me" became annoyed and angry at him and he picked up on this. He would simply continue and step up his campaign on "throw the Frisbee".

I then came up with an idea of taking charge and eliminating the initial request ("I am the Alpha") from Millie. The next time he brought the Frisbee to me and began to bug me to throw it, I ignored him, picked up the Frisbee, and put it in the barbecue (off, of course). Millie couldn't get it and I went back to what I was doing.

If Millie brought me another toy or goodie, I would repeat the process. He quickly understood that this was a "loose-loose" situation for him because of the passive dominance process and redirection methods used.

This method has worked wonders for me and I am waiting to hear back from my client regarding his success. I hope that this helps you.

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