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Do We Train Guard Dogs...

We are often asked "Do you train guard dogs?"  The answer is "It depends".

And what do we mean by that?  Most people think of a guard dog as that big German Sheppard with the spike collar that is always barking and trying to bite you if you jump the fence onto someone else's property.  They stay outside all day and their only purpose in life is to go after anyone that enters that yard, store, lot, etc.  Well, we don't do that, we don't train dogs to be overly aggressive.

A better question would be "Would the dogs you train protect their family if a dangerous situation arises?"  We would then answer "yes".

When Fluffy and your family, are properly trained, everyone knows their appropriate position in the family.  They know their roles and responsibilities as well as everyone else's roles and responsibilities.  Fluffy understands that it is not his responsibility to be the protector of the family.  That is the responsibility of Mommy …

How Do You Know You Are a Responsible Dog Owner?

I think I am a responsible dog owner... How can I tell?

First of all, let's remember that we aren't talking if you are the "leader of your pack" in this discussion.  We are discussing if you are a responsible dog owner.  Let's go over some simple ideas that I feel are important:
Get your dog spayed or neutered.  They live longer and have healthier lives.Provide proper identification.  If Fluffy gets out, you have a far better chance in getting him back if he has a dog or electronic tag.Get training for you and your dog.  This will help build the bond, trust, and respect between you and Fluffy.  Both of you will be better for it.Schedule regular check-ups with your veterinarian.  Catching issues early will provide Fluffy with a far better life and will cost you far less in the long run.Make time for Fluffy.  Schedule play dates and include him in your regular family activities.  Fluffy is a part of your family.  Make him feel as such.Give Fluffy regular exercise.  E…

Adding a Little Zip to Rover's Meal

What if you only could eat corn flakes, toast (no butter), or crackers?  Pretty boring, right?  Well, how do you think Rover feels when you put that bowl of dry kibble in front of him?

The answer to "zip up Rover's meal" is really very simple.  First of all, we always suggest that you feed Rover a high quality dog food.  Now, take a spoonful or two of regular cottage cheese and mix that with the food.  Cottage cheese is natural, provides calcium, and dogs love it. 

Thoroughly mix the curds of cottage cheese with the kibble and then provide Rover with his new dinner.  Wow!  He will love it.

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My Dog is Marking in Our House!

What can you do when your Fluffy is constantly picking up his leg in your home?  Move?  No, I have a better idea!

What we first have to ask is why Fluffy is marking in your home.  The answer goes back to the idea that Fluffy thinks he is part of a pack of animals and your home is part of their territory.  What Fluffy is doing is making sure that the territory smells like him.  In essence, he is leaving his calling card.  The bad news is that this natural instinct can be very strong in some dogs and that this behavior will naturally occur and continue to occur.  The good news is that there is a very simple way for us to take control of the situation and "manage" the smell.

Remember that Fluffy wants the territory (your home) to smell like him.  All we have to do is to make sure that the smell is something pleasant to us and natural to him.  What we are going to do is to use a lavender smell in the home and to have Fluffy gain a very slight smell of lavender.  Now your home and …