Do We Train Guard Dogs...

We are often asked "Do you train guard dogs?"  The answer is "It depends".

And what do we mean by that?  Most people think of a guard dog as that big German Sheppard with the spike collar that is always barking and trying to bite you if you jump the fence onto someone else's property.  They stay outside all day and their only purpose in life is to go after anyone that enters that yard, store, lot, etc.  Well, we don't do that, we don't train dogs to be overly aggressive.

A better question would be "Would the dogs you train protect their family if a dangerous situation arises?"  We would then answer "yes".

When Fluffy and your family, are properly trained, everyone knows their appropriate position in the family.  They know their roles and responsibilities as well as everyone else's roles and responsibilities.  Fluffy understands that it is not his responsibility to be the protector of the family.  That is the responsibility of Mommy and Daddy.  On a normal basis, they will make the appropriate safety decisions that will impact him and the children.  When a guest comes in the house, the mailman comes to the door, etc., Mommy or Daddy will take charge and make the safety decision.  That is why Fluffy does not bark incessantly, growl, and jump in the guest or mailman.  It is not his role at that time.

But if someone jumps the back fense and Mommy or Daddy aren't there, someone breaks into the house and Fluffy feels tension or fear from the rest of the family, something different will happen.  It is not Fluffy's role to be the protector of the family, but it is his responsibility to engage when the family becomes threatened.  In the canine world, this is a natural pack behavior.  In this case, Fluffy will guard, confrount, and possibly attack.

So, to answer the question...

We do not train guard dogs, but the dogs we train will guard and protect.

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