How Do You Know You Are a Responsible Dog Owner?

I think I am a responsible dog owner... How can I tell?

First of all, let's remember that we aren't talking if you are the "leader of your pack" in this discussion.  We are discussing if you are a responsible dog owner.  Let's go over some simple ideas that I feel are important:
  • Get your dog spayed or neutered.  They live longer and have healthier lives.
  • Provide proper identification.  If Fluffy gets out, you have a far better chance in getting him back if he has a dog or electronic tag.
  • Get training for you and your dog.  This will help build the bond, trust, and respect between you and Fluffy.  Both of you will be better for it.
  • Schedule regular check-ups with your veterinarian.  Catching issues early will provide Fluffy with a far better life and will cost you far less in the long run.
  • Make time for Fluffy.  Schedule play dates and include him in your regular family activities.  Fluffy is a part of your family.  Make him feel as such.
  • Give Fluffy regular exercise.  Exercise is one of the four major functions that Fluffy needs to function.  Fetch, walkies, or any interactive exercise will keep Fluffy healthy and build your bond.
  • Provide Fluffy with shelter.  Fluffy should have his place where he can simply go and "hang out".  The best shelter is a dog crate.  This is the place where only Fluffy can go and where he will always feel safe.
  • Make sure you travel safely.  Always have Fluffy in a harness that is properly secure when driving.  Don't have him in your lap or the passenger seat!
It is your job to be a responsible owner for your dog.  Please follow the above guidelines to accomplish that.  For more information, please contact The Best Dog Trainers in South Florida.


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