Calm and Still

When Fluffy is running, jumping, and barking all around me, how can I stay calm and still?

Our initial training visits with our clients normally last three hours or more.  We cover a lot of information and demonstrate a great deal of techniques to get Fluffy to be a great dog.  I have often thought that if I only had a moment to give a dog owner some useful and productive training advise, what would it be. 

I keep coming back to the simple credo of "Calm & Still".

Eighty percent of the communication between Fluffy and myself is body language.  The most important part of body language, in my opinion, is the ability to portray a sense of confidence.  Everything is OK, I am in control, I will take care of you...  This is done by remaining calm and still while engaging the situation at hand.

Humans are emotional animals and we get so mad at Fluffy when he is going nuts.  We raise the level of adrenalin through our screaming and running when we are trying to calm Fluffy down.  It just doesn't work, and why should it?  Craziness breeds craziness.  

By staying calm and still when you are addressing Fluffy, he will naturally feel your confidence and will have a far better sense that you are the leader, provider, and safe keeper.  Staying calm also allows you to more effectively evaluate the situation and determine the best course of action to get Fluffy back to being a "good dog".

If you are a fan of old TV shows...
  • Did Mr. Spock go nuts when the Klingons were attacking the Enterprise?
  • Did Sheriff Andy Taylor ever get scared, yell, and scream when he was capturing escaped criminals?

No.  That's my point!

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