Who Started What?

Is it really important to think about who started something or who said "Let's do this"?  I don't really care...

I know for a fact that the personal/animal that made the above statement was a human and not my dog, Fluffy.  In a family, anyone can say "Let's go to the movies", "Let's go to the mall", "How about getting a bite to eat".  We (humans) don't care who's idea it was.  If it is a good idea, we do it. 

Remember that Fluffy is a dog and not a human.  Different behaviors, different instincts are going on inside Fluffy's canine brain.  In the dog world, the animal that says "Let's do this", is the Leader of the Pack.  The Alpha Leader is the one in charge and the one who says "Let's go".

So why is all this so important?

What we don't want to do is to constantly be telling Fluffy that he is the leader of the pack.  This means that we are telling him that it is his job to be our protector and that he can do whatever he wants.  "Whatever he wants" can include jumping, running out the door, biting, nipping, incessant barking, and all those other things that drive us nuts.

Is Fluffy wrong in doing this?  Not if we are constantly telling him that it is his job to do those things!  But, how do we stop it?

Here is the bottom line...

Whenever you are interfacing with Fluffy, make sure that everything is your idea and not his.  This will maintain your role in the interaction as the leader and Fluffy's role in the interaction as a happy member of the family.

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