A Quick Idea On a "Calm Wolfie" this Holiday Season

The Family and your of town friends just left after being here all Thanksgiving weekend and Wolfie is going nuts!  What is going on?  He was fine before!

Let's say that you have been working with Wolfie so the he knows you are the great leader, you are consistent, practice with him regularly, and are building the trust, bond, and relationship that epitomizes an appropriate dog/owner relationship.  Life is great!

Now come the Holidays.  You have had the extended family with their extended friends over for the last few days and everything went great.  Wolfie was having a great time by having everyone play with him, giving him goodies, and bringing him presents.  Wolfie always had something to do and someone to do it with.  Now everyone packs up their stuff and heads out to their own respective homes.  Life is quiet again and you can take a big sigh of relief.

But something has changed with Wolfie.  He used to obey and listen.  Now he is always pushing toys in your laps, barking at you, nipping, and pulling pillows off the sofa.  He never did this before.  What happened?

Up until the hoard of people descended on your home, you were consistent with Wolfie in what you expected of him.  Whenever he did something that "broke the house rules", you were right there to correct and show him the right way.  Wolfie expects this from you each and every day.  For the last few days this wasn't happening.  You didn't have time to work with Wolfie and correct him when he would break your rules.  Everyone else would do whatever Wolfie wanted and he saw that he could get away with anything.  In Wolfie's eyes, you had become bad leaders and it was reinforced that he could do whatever he liked.

Don't worry, this is easy to fix.  The first thing I would suggest is to drain some of that "play with me" adrenaline that Wolfie has built up.  Take him to a doggie day care a few times a week.  Let him drain his "I want to play! I want to play!" with other doggies.  When he comes home, he won't be demanding the play from you.  Once this occurs, you should jump back into performing obedience and behavioral exercises with him on a daily basis. 

Also, remember your rules and as soon as Wolfie tries to test you and break your rule, correct him so that you can show him what is right.  You must do this every time Wolfie tests.

In a very short period of time, you will re-establish your leadership and Wolfie will understand that his role is to obey you and be a great and non-demanding member of your family.

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