What to Give and not Give Wolfie this Christmas

Oh boy, it's Christmas time and all my friends will give my Wolfie presents!  (Watch out!)

Presents are always a good thing, but there are some presents that are better than others.  Let's first talk about the "good presents":
  • Any toy that stimulates Wolfie's brain and keeps him engaged is a good toy.  An example of this is a Classic Kong toy.  Kongs are designed for dogs by their weight.  Find the right weight range on the Kong and you have found the right size for Wolfie.  Now, get some peanut butter and fill the little hole on the bottom with peanut butter.  Now freeze it and then give it to Wolfie.  It will keep him entertained for up to an hour!
  • I have found that Doggie Plush Toys are also great for them.  The big thing that you have to watch out for is that the Plush Toy is not the same color or looks like the pillows on your sofa or other furniture.  If you are allowing Wolfie to chew on the Plush Toy, he might become confused and think that your sofa pillow is another Plush Toy that you have given him.  There is no need for Wolfie to start eating the furniture.
  • Things that they can chew are great for them. If Wolfie is a chewer, let's direct that action to something that will maintain our rules and that we actually instigate.  A rubber bone is an example of a toy that will fulfill this requirement.
  • A Water Bottle.  Believe it or not, dogs love to play with the empty water bottles that we recycle every day.  Just make sure that you take off the paper, remove the top, and clip off the plastic ring around the bottle's neck.  Now, give it to Wolfie.  He will have a blast with this.  He might paw it around the ground, throw it in the air, chew on it, or even use it as a floaty in the pool. 

Now, let's talk about some "bad presents":
  • Tug-of-war toys are not good if you are going to use them for tug-of-war. Long story short, we almost always loose the tug-of-war, even with the little doggies.  This is not good because when we loose the game, we are increasing Wolfie's position in the pack.  Since we want to be the pack leaders, this is not good.  If someone does give Wolfie a tug-of-war toy this Christmas, you can use it for a fetch toy instead.
  • Squeaky Toys are not good for Wolfie.  The "squeak" makes the same sound as a dying or wounded animal.  When you give Wolfie toys that make this sound, you run the risk of increasing his aggression and general excitement.  Although this is not always the case, I always recommend eliminating these toys or only allowing one or two Squeaky Toys in Wolfie's toy basket.  If you can remove the squeak device from these toys, they are fine for Wolfie.
Of course there are many other suggestions that one can give for Christmas presents for Wolfie.  These are only a few.  If you use common sense, you will probably do fine and Wolfie will have a great Christmas!

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