Wolfie Jr. Has Arrived! Our New Christmas Puppy is Now Home!

Oh Boy!  We just got a new puppy and he was so much fun to play with at the Pet Store!  He is now home and things should be just fine...  Really?

Many times, especially for first time puppy owners, we don't understand the responsibilities and challenges owning a new puppy entails.  He was great at the pet store, we see other people with puppies having a great time, and they are always fun on TV shows.  These are all the fun times.  We have to understand that we now have the responsibility to manage them and teach them how to act in our family.

Here are some tips that you should start today:
  • Make sure that you are feeding your puppy a high quality dog food.  The rule of thumb is that anything you buy at a super market is not high quality.  Read the side of the dog food bag to determine the appropriate amount to feed and do not over feed.  Put the food and water down for the meal and then pick both up at the end of the meal.
  • Be sure that he has a good food and water bowl, a well made collar (no choke chains or prong collars), and a strong leash (no extension leashes).
  • He should have a few toys such as Kong Toys, plush toys, or fetch toys.  Do not give him tug of war toys or toys that make that high pitched squeak.  This will only encourage bad behavior.
  • Begin crate training him as soon as possible.  We humans think that crates are cruel.  This is completely wrong.  Crates, when properly introduced, become their place of safety and refuge.  They are always happy and relaxed in their crates and it is also a place that they don't want to soil.  This means that the use of a crate will deter the possibility of their pottying in the house.
  • Puppies need lots of play time.  Make sure that you get him out often for a lot of interactive play.  All puppies are different and they will tell you when they are tired and ready to come back inside.  Do not jog or run with him until your Vet has told you that he has developed sufficiently for those types of activities.
  • Puppies are very curious and their mouth is one way of exploring.  If your puppy is biting your nipping you, try spraying Bitter Apple on what he is biting.  This unpleasant, yet completely safe, taste can deter such activities.  Be sure to have an appropriate toy to offer him in place of his nipping.
  • NEVER HIT YOUR PUPPY WHEN HE IS MISBEHAVING.  This could easily lead to aggression and mistrust as your puppy grows older.  Instead, you must teach your dog the appropriate behavior through proper guidance and feedback.  In this way, you are building a bond of respect and leadership with him.
(And now a plug for ourselves!)  Being a new puppy owner with a new puppy, the best thing you can do for both of you is to receive the appropriate, professional training.  Right now you have the opportunity to do everything right and experience a lifetime of happiness with your new puppy.  A professional dog trainer can assure your success.

For more information, please contact The Best Dog Trainers in South Florida.


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