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Keeping Your Doggie Happy When You Go Back to School

School has just started and my dog had gone nuts!  What happened?

After a long summer of playing and being with the entire family, school starts and Fluffy's world is thrown for a loop.  Dogs don't like sudden changes and the dramatic schedule change that school brings can place a great deal of anxiety on Fluffy.  Let's talk about some things you can do to minimize this.

The biggest thing you can do to assist in this matter is to minimize Fluffy's separation anxiety.  This can lead to destructive behavior and endless barking.
Pay less attention to Fluffy - A week before school starts, ignore him for increasing amounts of time each day so he gets used to not being the center of attention.Start early - Several weeks before school begins, get Fluffy comfortable with being alone by separating him from the family.  If you often take him with you to run errands, leave him at home.Practice leafing the house - Gather your gear, exit the door, but then come right back in again.  F…

When Your Dog Pulls on the Walk

It is really amazing how many of our clients' dogs pull them down the street... Even the little five pounders!

I would like to provide you with a quick and easy thing to try when your dog is pulling your down the street.  Simply turn around 180 degrees, walk in the opposite direction for about 10 feet, and turn around again 180 degrees.  Just keep walking like nothing happened.

One of the things that is going on when your dog is pulling you down the street is that he thinks that he is in charge of the walk.  He is in charge, he sets the pace, direction, etc.  Well, he is not in charge, you are!  (I hope you are.)  To let your dog understand that you are in charge, you need to make drastic course corrections that will require your dog's immediate response.  Turning around is a simple and very effective course correction.

After doing this a few times, your dog will understand that you are the one in charge of the walk and will start to provide you with more focus and attention.   H…

Some Quick Pool Safety Tips

Can you teach my dog to swim?


Some dogs are Olympic swimmers and some can just do the "dog paddle". That is up to them. What we can do, as good pet owners, is to assure their safety in the pool. Here are some tips.
MAKE SURE YOU PERFORM ALL THESE STEPS IN A CALM ENVIRONMENT! NO SCREAMING KIDS (OR ADULTS) IN OR AROUND THE POOL!Don't assume that your dog "wants to swim". Some water dogs hate the water and others can't wait to jump in. If you force your dog into the water, you will create a negative, physical experience that could harm your dog as well as his trust and respect for you.Have your dog on a leash and slowly coax him into the water.Hold him next to you and keep him calm.Slowly guide him around the pool and back to the steps.Repeat the above process several times.Now, when you are in the water with him, gently let him go so that he can swim under his own power.Passively guide him back to the steps to get out.Repeat this process several times.…

Here are some "Real Life" Doggie Traveling Tips

Right now we are in the middle of a two week trip with our three dogs. While we are "living this experience", I thought it might be worthwhile to review some "doggie travel tips" we are living right now...

Traveling with your "best friends" is not hard. The biggest thing that we forget is to prepare and observe. We must prepare what our dogs will need for the trip and observe their needs and their environment while we are traveling. Here are some quick tips:
Be sure that your dogs will have secure locations in the car. This can be a crate, leash/safety belt, or any other location where they will not "be propelled" in sudden stops "lane changes".Do a "practice pack" of the car ahead of time. This will assure that your dogs will actually have the space they need. Get your dogs into their "places" to make sure that they are comfortable with them.If your dogs aren't comfortable with car rides in general, start …