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New Years Resolutions for You and Wolfie

You know all those New Years Resolutions that you make every year and never keep?  A great way to make sure you keep them is to have a friend help or to help a friend.  Why not engage Wolfie in the process?


"I am going to exercise and loose those five extra pounds this year!  This is a great idea, let's do it with Wolfie.  Start taking long walks with him.  Get out in the back yard and throw the Frisbee or just throw tennis balls.  If your Vet approves, go on bike rides with him (no, he does not have his own bike!) or roller blade with him.  This builds your bond and gets you both into shape!

The new year is a great time to start respecting what we put into our bodies, as well as Wolfie's.  Get rid of the chips and the cookies.  Stop making the fast food drive through your restaurant of choice. 

On the same thought, look at the ingredients in Wolfie's dog food.  I want to see a meat as the very first ingredient and I don't want to see "…

Wolfie Jr. Has Arrived! Our New Christmas Puppy is Now Home!

Oh Boy!  We just got a new puppy and he was so much fun to play with at the Pet Store!  He is now home and things should be just fine...  Really?

Many times, especially for first time puppy owners, we don't understand the responsibilities and challenges owning a new puppy entails.  He was great at the pet store, we see other people with puppies having a great time, and they are always fun on TV shows.  These are all the fun times.  We have to understand that we now have the responsibility to manage them and teach them how to act in our family.

Here are some tips that you should start today:
Make sure that you are feeding your puppy a high quality dog food.  The rule of thumb is that anything you buy at a super market is not high quality.  Read the side of the dog food bag to determine the appropriate amount to feed and do not over feed.  Put the food and water down for the meal and then pick both up at the end of the meal.Be sure that he has a good food and water bowl, a well made co…

What to Give and not Give Wolfie this Christmas

Oh boy, it's Christmas time and all my friends will give my Wolfie presents!  (Watch out!)

Presents are always a good thing, but there are some presents that are better than others.  Let's first talk about the "good presents":
Any toy that stimulates Wolfie's brain and keeps him engaged is a good toy.  An example of this is a Classic Kong toy.  Kongs are designed for dogs by their weight.  Find the right weight range on the Kong and you have found the right size for Wolfie.  Now, get some peanut butter and fill the little hole on the bottom with peanut butter.  Now freeze it and then give it to Wolfie.  It will keep him entertained for up to an hour! I have found that Doggie Plush Toys are also great for them.  The big thing that you have to watch out for is that the Plush Toy is not the same color or looks like the pillows on your sofa or other furniture.  If you are allowing Wolfie to chew on the Plush Toy, he might become confused and think that your sofa pillow …

Surviving the Trip Home for the Holiday's with Wolfie

How many of us look forward to the trip home for the Holidays?  Before you answer that, think of a car full of kids, presents, suitcases, McDonalds bags, and Wolfie for a 22 hour drive.  After that, think of Wolfie going nuts in Uncle Al's house and then the 22 hour drive home...  Change your mind?

Put the phone down!  You don't have to call Uncle Al and make up an excuse why you won't make it up there this year.  With some planning and common sense, it will all be just fine.  Here are some points to remember:

Plan out what you are going to need in the car ahead of time and pre-pack.  (You don't need to pack the suitcases, they can be empty.)  The point here is to see if there is enough room for everyone (including Wolfie).  Put everyone in the car and drive around the neighborhood for a few times.  Maybe go and get some gas or drive through McDonalds.  This is to make Wolfie calm with the situation he is about to undertake.Make sure that you have included so…

A Quick Idea On a "Calm Wolfie" this Holiday Season

The Family and your of town friends just left after being here all Thanksgiving weekend and Wolfie is going nuts!  What is going on?  He was fine before!

Let's say that you have been working with Wolfie so the he knows you are the great leader, you are consistent, practice with him regularly, and are building the trust, bond, and relationship that epitomizes an appropriate dog/owner relationship.  Life is great!

Now come the Holidays.  You have had the extended family with their extended friends over for the last few days and everything went great.  Wolfie was having a great time by having everyone play with him, giving him goodies, and bringing him presents.  Wolfie always had something to do and someone to do it with.  Now everyone packs up their stuff and heads out to their own respective homes.  Life is quiet again and you can take a big sigh of relief.

But something has changed with Wolfie.  He used to obey and listen.  Now he is always pushing toys in your laps, barking at you,…