Let's Stop Digging

Please, I really don't want my dog to be the gardener!  He just keeps digging everywhere and I don't know why?  Should I just pave over the entire back yard?

The answer is No.  One of the main causes of digging in the back yard of boredom.  Let's think about it for a moment, if you were left in the back yard for a long period of time without anything to do, you would get pretty bored.  All we have to do is to replace Wolfie's boredom (leading to digging up my petunias) with something to do.  Here are two ideas that I recently offered a client with two young Rottweilers:

  • Scatter Feed:  Get a bunch of Wolfie's kibble, raw veggies, or other small pieces of food, and toss that in the back yard.  You have now created an Easter Egg Hunt for Wolfie.  All dogs love to forage and you have just created a humongous forage area.  This will keep Wolfie busy for a very long time and will provide an alternate, fun activity for him.
  • Digging Pit:  "If you can't beat them, join them!" (Not really)  Wolfie is telling us that he likes to dig, why not encourage that in a way that meets our guidelines regarding the back yard?  Find an area in the yard that you can clear of all vegetation and top soil.  Next, line the area with a border of wood (redwood or cedar planks).  Fill the area with a good helping of white sand.  Now, hide some of Wolfie's toys in the sand, exposing their tops.  Also, bury some of his favorite (smelly) treats in the digging pit.  This offers Wolfie a target rich environment in which to dig.  Why dig anywhere else when he can dig in the soft sand and find a lot of great things?
Try these two tips and you will regain your back yard and loose Wolfie as an unwanted gardener.

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