A Quick Training Tip -- Walking Multiple Dogs

I have two Lab puppies and they pull me down the street!!!  I can't get them to walk correctly!!!  One is always doing something!!!

I hear this all the time and the answer is really simple.  There are too many students in the classroom.  Teaching a dog to walk is not a group activity, but a one-on-one experience.  You must be able to give Wolfie complete focus so that you can determine if Wolfie is paying attention.  If he isn't, it you your job as his teacher to instantly enable him to pay attention and walk properly.  If you have "two Wolfies" misbehaving at the same time, you won't be able to do this.  So, what do you do?

As your puppies are learning to walk properly, you will walk them individually.  This will allow you to give complete focus on the training process with each puppy on an individual basis.  Your corrections will be better timed and more consistent.  This will allow Wolfie to gain a far faster understanding of what he needs to do.  After you walk one puppy, you will walk the next. 

Once both are walking properly on an individual basis, you can then try taking them out together.  For these walks, don't go as far as you would have walked individually and also try to time them when there are minimal distractions in the neighborhood.  Also, continue the individual walks for the next few weeks to help build a transition and to provide consistency and repetition within the training process.

Follow this process and you will look just like a professional dog walker in no time!

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