Super Sizing!

You aren't sure what I mean by "super sizing"?  Never been to McDonalds?

We Americans have been "super sizing" things for so long, it is now almost impossible to recognize when we are and aren't doing it.  "Yes, I will take the large soda and fries with my 1/3 pounder with cheese!"  What we have to understand is that we take this notion and spin it off into other parts of our lives, and Wolfie's life as well.

When we feed Wolfie, we simply fill up his dog bowl with food.  We really have no, actual idea how much he really needs.  We just assume that if we fill up the bowl, that will be fine.  Since many dogs eat and drink out of boredom, we could be creating an unhealthy opportunity that Wolfie can't pass up.  We are unknowingly making Wolfie over weight and shortening his live expectancy by years.  We don't have to put Wolfie on a diet, we simply have to make sure that he is receiving the appropriate, healthy portions on a daily basis.

The solution to this problem is very simple.  You simply have to read.....  Read the information on the dog food bag that indicates the daily recommended proportion by weight (and sometimes age).  If you give Wolfie that amount, things will be fine. 

Go and get a measuring cup for Wolfie and measure his proportion of food on a daily basis.  If you feed him twice a day, give him 1/2 of the food in the morning and 1/2 of the food in the evening.  If you use his food as treats, take that food from the measuring cup.

See, I told you that the solution was simple.  Wolfie will be healthier and live a longer life because of it!

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