Pottying and Walking

I take my dog for a nice, long walk, but he still potties in the house!  What is going on here?

I was with a client last week who had the exact same problem.  He would take his doggie out for nice, long walks several times a day.  His dog would not go potty on the walks, but would wait until they got back to the apartment.  We tried a few things and here is what we discovered:

Some dogs have their favorite "potty place".  They also love to walk, so they also would rather walk and "go potty later".  We took both of these principals, put them into action, and discovered that my client's dog loves the dog park in the complex and will always (100% of the time) potty in the dog park.  He also has a high level of distraction on walks.  We came up with the following, simple solution:

Always go to the dog park first (his favorite potty place) to let him play and potty.  After about ten minutes of no pottying, we then go for a walk.  The problem was solved and there is now no more potty accidents in my client's apartment.

So remember, always get your dog to his favorite potty place as early as possible when you get out for a walk.  This breaks the walk into two phases.  First, it is potty time.  Next, it is walkies time.  Give it a shot.

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