Can I Give My Doggie "People Food"?

This is a very interesting question and one that I am often asked.  My first quandary is "what is people food"?

I can make myself a hamburger made of beef, have some soup with carrots and peas, eat some mashed potatoes, and have some nachos with corn chips.  Is this "people food"?

I can look on the side panel of Wolfie's dog food and see most of the same ingredients right there.  (I won't see corn because that is an ingredient found in low quality dog foods and I believe I have already ranted and wrathed on that in another, earlier blog.)

So, dog food and people food seem to be the same food!  The problem is that we are asking the wrong question.  The appropriate question would be "How should I present Wolfie's food to him"?

The answer is simple.  We can give Wolfie any type of food we want, as long as it is in a bowl we present to him at a location away from the place that we normally eat. 

Wow!  That was simple.

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