Riding in the Car with Wolfie

I have heard so many ideas on properly transporting Wolfie in my car, but what is the right one?

  • have your dog in a car seat elevated above the rest of the occupants.  This gives your dog heightened dominance and can cause excessive barking.
  • let your dog loose in the car.  This is an extreme safety risk.
  • let your dog stick their head out the window.  Yes, I know that everyone sees dogs to this, but the wind can cause neck injury.
  • leave your dog in the car for excessive periods of time when you are running an errand.  Heat and anxiety can lead to dangerous results.
  • have your dog on your lap or on the front passenger seat.  If the airbag deploys, it could cause harm or death to your dog.  This is important, DO NOT DO THIS!
  • have your dog restrained either on the rear seat or floor.  You can also use a properly restrained crate.  This makes sure the dog is safe in the event of an accident.  It also keeps him at a proper, non-dominant level in the car.
  • have toys or other "goodies" to keep your dog occupied.  Boredom can lead to inappropriate behavior on long car rides.
  • make frequent stops on longer rides to let your dog stretch and have potty breaks.
  • take your dog with you  on your errands.  This helps stimulate his mind, provide socialization, and demonstrates your ability to keep him safe.
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