Wolfie in the Pool

Wolfie has never been in the pool.  What do I do to make sure that he will be safe if he jumps (or falls) in the pool?

This is a good question and one that is (thankfully) easy to answer.  Dogs naturally believe that any body of water has a gradual incline that will guide them out of the water.  This is very similar to a lake, stream, or beach.  Unfortunately, our pools have vertical inclines defining the separation of water to land. 

We need to educate Wolfie regarding the "exit points" of our pool.  Here is what we do:
  • First of all, we put a leash on Wolfie. 
  • We will gradually take him into the pool. 
  • Once he is calmed down, we will let him go to swim on his own.
  • We guide Wolfie, via the leash, to an exit point.
  • We repeat this process for all exit points using the leash.
  • We repeat this for several days until we feel that Wolfie is naturally swimming towards the exit points.
  • We remove the leash, bring Wolfie into the pool, and let him go.  If he swims towards an exit point, we are successful.
  • If Wolfie does not swim towards an exit point, we continue the process with the leash for several days and then attempt the off leash process again.
The goal of our entire process is to familiarize Wolfie with the specific exit points of the pool.  A "side effect" of the process is to socialize Wolfie with your group interaction with the pool.  You want Wolfie to understand that he can play with you, but not take charge and bark/jump on you at will.

Summer is coming and the the pool is now a major focus of our lives in South Florida.  Please be sure that Wolfie is ready!

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