My Puppy Wakes Me Up At Night

It is always "hit or miss" if our little puppy, Fluffy, is going to wake us up in the middle of the night.  The important question is "What can we do?"

I recently had an experience helping a client with a twelve week old Sheppard who would wake up after three or four hours of night-time sleep.  Sometimes he simply wanted out of his crate to walk around the bedroom.  Sometimes he wanted to go outside "just to check it out".

We determined that the Sheppard just wasn't "tired enough" to hit that "deep sleep" to last through the night.  We came up with a two phased approach to make sure that our little puppy was ready for "sleepy time".

  • Get the Energy Out of The Dog
    We decided to take the dog out in the evening and engage in multiple, high energy activities.  These included Frisbee, fetch the ball, run for treats, jogging, etc.  Our goal was to drain the adrenaline and just make the dog tired.  These actions simply increased the "I want to take a nap" with the dog and increased the likelyhood of a long and peaceful sleep.
  • Bach Flowers Rescue Remedy
    This is a holistic, herbal relaxant.  It is made up of flower pedals that have been shown to relax both dogs and humans.  I suggested to put several drops of this liquid on the dog's toung an hour before bedtime.  This is the equivalent of having a nice, warm, glass of Ovaltine before bed.  It simply relaxes our little puppy and helps him sleep throuth the night.
By employing these two, simple processes, we were able to get our little puppy to sleep through the night.  Many times the simple processes are the best.

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