Playing in the Heat

I normally don't talk about this subject this early in the year, but it seems that we have gone from Winter to Summer.  So, what do you need to know about playing outside with Wolfie in this "South Florida heat"?

Most of what I am going to tell you is common sense, but it is sometime worth repeating to get it stuck in our brains.
  • First, try to be outside only in the early morning or early evening with Wolfie.  This is when the sun is lowest in the sky and the temperature is lower.  If you have to be outside in the middle of the day, limit it to 20 minutes.
  • Always be sure to hydrate yourself and Wolfie.  You can bring a water bottle for your self and Wolfie.  There are some "really cool" water bottle/dispensers that you can get at the pet stores.
  • Whenever possible, try to play in the shade.
  • If you are on concrete or a "hard surface", put your hand on the surface to determine if it is too hot for Wolfie's paws.  If you wouldn't want to walk barefoot on the surface, why do you think he would want to walk "barepaw" on it?
  • If possible, play in the pool where you and Wolfie can keep cooler.  Jump out of the pool for a little bit, then jump back in.
  • If Wolfie begins to slow down, let's get him back inside.
  • Be sure to provide water once Wolfie is back inside to allow him to naturally rehydrate.
  • If Wolfie appears unusually lethargic and listless, monitor him for several hours.  If this continues, Wolfie might have "overdone it".  Call your veterinarian for advice.
The bottom line is that we can definitely have fun with Wolfie in our "early" Summer heat.  We just need to take some precautions to keep everyone safe and healthy.

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