How to introduce a new doggie into the family

I am about to get a new dog, but how do I make sure that Wolfie and he will get along?

The biggest problem that we have when we bring home a "new dog" is to understand how our current dog(s) will react.  Remember, Wolfie didn't have a clue that someone new was coming to live with him.  Here are a few, quick tips:
  • Before you actually bring the new dog home, take Wolfie to the Humane Society, breeder, or pet store to meet the new dog.  Keep both on leashes and allow them to sniff each other.  Watch their body language to make sure that you don't see any possible aggression or timid behavior.  If they both eventually just sit down and are not focused on the other dog, you are fine, so far.
  • When you bring the new dog home, have Wolfie meet the new dog in the front yard.  This is a neutral spot for both.  It is also not Wolfie's territory and you don't want to suddenly introduce a new "pack member" into Wolfie's territory.  Allow both dogs to meet (on leashes) and sniff.  Walk them around the yard together for a few minutes and then walk them in the front door.  Make sure that Wolfie goes first.
  • Now that you have them in your home, always supervise them when they are together.  You just want to make 100% sure that everything is going well.  When you can't supervise them, separate them in their crates. 
  • After a few days, let them in the back yard by themselves.  Watch them from the house.  If you see friendly play and respectful interaction, you can assume that they are fine with each other.
Congratulations on extending your family!

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