Training with a Crazy Family

Wolfie needs training, but it really isn't working.  I know our family is kinda nuts.  Is that causing any problems?

To paraphrase Charlie Sheen... "Duh, Yes!"

When educating dogs, you need to provide a consistent, calm, educational environment.  This is the only way that you can portray an assertive position to Wolfie that will naturally allow him to learn.  Yelling, screaming, inconsistent interaction with Wolfie, and just generally being nuts will drive Wolfie away from the class room.  Your entire family must provide Wolfie a calm, consistent, and assertive relationship in order for Wolfie to see you as his teachers.  I know that this sometimes can be really difficult, but here are some suggestions:
  • Before you start the training process, have the entire family sit down and discuss what they think is wrong with Wolfie and what they would like to see.  Make a list.
  • Review each item on the list and discuss how you plan to resolve the issue.
  • Get every member of the family to agree with the issues and the plans to resolve those issues.
  • Have every member of the family work with Wolfie every day on one or more of the issues your family has identified.  Have family members work in teams so that you can assure consistency in your actions.
With this said, be sure that you don't:
  • Scream at Wolfie.
  • Hit, kick, push, or do anything hurtful or frightening with Wolfie.
  • Play rough with Wolfie.
  • Get Wolfie to do what you want by giving him treats.
Remember, the biggest thing thing to remember is to be calm and constant.  For more information, please contact The Best Dog Trainers in South Florida.


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